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Raynette du Toit

"After completing my studies in Logistic Management, I pursued a career in the business world. During this stressful time I experienced my first therapeutic massage session and I was hooked. I was amazed by the body’s capacity to heal itself. I decided it’s time to change direction. I immediately wanted to share this gift with others so I decided to follow my dream and changed my career path. I enrolled in a Health and Skincare Diploma Course at Camelot International (DOE Registered). Through hard work and passion I completed the course and finished top of the class. Hungry for more, I decided to further my studies and specialize in Holistic therapies including Therapeutic Reflexology, Sports Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage. Being a qualified SAAHSP and ITEC therapist I strive to provide my clients with the highest standards of services and professionalism. Holistic healing steered me on a wonderful, fascinating journey. I learned new approaches with passion and now I have the wonderful opportunity to share this with my clients. The holistic health field is growing vastly. I witnessed case studies of reflexology that successfully helped conditions ranging from stress related migraines to insomnia, menopause and pain management.  I love my work and I feel I have achieved a really good balance by implementing three streams to life: live with passion, share the joy and love unconditionally."



Anja le Roux

"Growing up, health and skincare has always been a passion of mine. I studied this field for two years until I decided to further my studies in a more holistic approach to Healthcare Therapies.I acquired a diploma in Health and Skincare Therapy as well as Holistic and Natural Therapy at Camelot International (DOE Registered) in 2013. I became a registered reflexologist under Allied Health. I signed a contract with Steiner and specialised in Ionithermie (which is a treatment that detoxifies the body at a cellular level) on Princess Cruise ships for two years. I fell in love with the systems and functions of the body and knew that the human body was what I wanted to specialise in for the rest of my life. The human body flares up an excitement within me. During my years of experience I have seen what a healthy human body is capable of and how we often take it for granted. We don’t know what our bodies feel like at its strongest, because we have never given it the opportunity to go there. I believe in self-healing through therapeutic massage, prevention and rehabilitation. I believe in restoring the body’s functions through bringing about balance. Therapeutic Sports Massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity."

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Monique Malcomson

I was born and raised in Pretoria and came down to Cape Town in 2012 to study Psychology and Gender studies at UCT. My passion for massage started in primary school when my mom showed me a book about reflexology while I was massaging her feet. I was later introduced to physiotherapy when I sustained a muscle injury from doing sit ups incorrectly. From these visits I decided that I would become a physiotherapist to help people alleviate their muscular problems. Things did not work out according to plan but I feel my 3 years at university and 18 months of working as a bookseller have helped me grow and led me to sports massage which I studied in my second year at Camelot International. I enjoy listening to people’s stories and helping people by alleviating their muscular discomfort and letting them feel light on their feet again.  I look forward to meeting you and carrying on my journey of living my passion for massage.